How To Get A FREE Logo!!

How To Get A FREE Logo!!
So you need a logo, right?? I am sure that you have went down all the usual paths of trying to make one on your own!! You probably even went the route of using a payed website to make one for you!! Well do I have news for you, I have a way for you to get one for FREE!! So lets go through all your options, in case you actually want to spend a lot of time or money and then you will know how to do it for free!!
First, trying to make one yourself is extremely time consuming!! I spent many, many hours trying to accomplish this!! Now, I am not the most techincal savey person in the world, by any means, but I just never really got what I wanted!! It takes a lot of time and experience to try and use one of those logo makers, or software progrmans like LogoMaker or Logojoy!! Even shopify has one that you can try out here if you want!! Now this might be best for you, but be warned when you use some of these "Free" logo makers, that you still have to pay for it, you just get to make it for free!! See there, they try and get you, and that is not what we want!!
Your next option would be to pay a website like Fiverr or Freelancer to make one for you!! Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can get a range of designs, remakes, little extras that they want to tack on and make it seems like they just painted the Sisteen Chapel!! But for $5 you can get a basic logo done in about a day (pictured above, my first logo before I transitioned to an all Batman store) with the different files for different purposes of marketing and the logo rights!! So not really a bad deal when you think about it!!
Now to the meat and potatoes, A FREE LOGO!! Let me ask you a question!! You need a logo for a reason, probably because you are trying to promote your brand, or perhaps to help a charity create an event, or whatever you want to tell the internet, right!! Did you catch that last part?? The internet!! 
If you are on the internet right now, reading this blog, then you have the internet!! If you have the internet, you have social media!! If you have social media, you have the biggest underutilized free labor market on the planet!! So just make a post, a comment, a direct message, a reply on whichever platform you like best, or all of them, and just ask!! You will have to take a little time and weed through responses of course, some will be spam, some will want your kidney and first born child, but there is someone out there that will do it for nothing more than a tag or a shout out to help them expand thier own brand or name!! 
See there, you just selflessly helped somebody else by needing something and them giving it to you!! Amazing how that works!! 
Okay, so there is one other option for whatever page you need a logo for!! Just use a stock photo of some kind that promotes your page in some way!! I just changed mine to Free Shipping so that is posted everywhere on my site that my logo would go!! You can check it out at Your Batcave!!

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