About Us

About Your Batcave

Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right!! So here we are, you and me, oh, and a whole bunch of Batman stuff too!! So thanks for coming by and since you took the time to find out who we are, I will take the time to tell you!!

My name by day is Michael, and it all started in a land far far away!! Just kidding!! It did start with a little thing called passion though!! Your Batcave is in the heart of Gotham City after all!! I want to say that again!! Your Batcave is in the HEART of Gotham City, and that is exactly what I have put into this store!!

There is nothing but pure passion driving this Batmobile to deliver to you the best products and service that I possibly can!! I have the love and desire, and so do you since you have read this far (thanks by the way)!! So I want you to experience the level of passion that I have. and have offered to provide you with a better, more personal, and hopefully more buget friendly means of expressing and spreading the Batman love!!

So, simply put, I love Batman!! I have since I could remember and now I want to share it with the world, and that means you!!